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As we approach the end of summer, it's time to make the most of the warm, long days and get out there and enjoy all that LA has to offer. This month's roundup features a few ongoing art events and exhibitions, as well as some extremely talented artists who are helping to make the LA art and design scene one of the most vibrant in the nation. 


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Leah Ring

Los Angeles

August 9, 2017

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Hyworks is the incredibly fun and stylish line of accessories and home wares by LA-based designer Hyun Yu. I'm particularly drawn to Yu's SHAPES PLAY collection, which features earrings, necklaces, brooches and wall hangings crafted using brass and opaque, colorful acrylic cut into streamlined geometric forms. 

www_ hyworks.com
insta_ @hyworks.la


Adam Pogue

Adam Pogue is an LA-based artist who has been turning out some beautifully crafted textiles, quilts and home goods which look both age-old yet innovative and modern at the same time. Pogue recently released a collection in collaboration with LA-based design firm Commune and those pieces can be purchased through Commune or the Future Perfect.

www_ adampogue.com
insta_ @iamadampogue


B Zippy

B Zippy and Co is the ceramics line by artist Bari Ziperstein which features beautiful slab-built, sculptural planters and vases, along with other gorgeous housewares and jewelry. Ziperstein's work is inspired by Brutalist architecture, among other things, and is sold at several premier design stores in Los Angeles, but lately it seems that everywhere I go I've been seeing her work - retail stores, restaurants, you name it! I had the pleasure of seeing B Zippy & Co's booth this past year during New York Design Week and was blown away by what an innovative artist she is and what she is capable of achieving with clay. 

www_ bzippyandcompany.com
insta_ @bzippy


Maiden LA

Maiden LA is a month-long survey of art events happening all over LA county in the month of August. Co-organized by Salomeh Grace and Molly Schulman, Maiden LA encourages the use of alternate spaces and highlights events across various creative practices, including fine art, performance art, furniture design and architecture. The website features a daily event listing as well as an interactive map, or sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date with the happenings!

www_ maiden.la
insta_ @maiden.la

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Meike Legler

German born, LA based textile artist Meike Legler creates beautiful, graphic artwork using mixed fabrics stretched over canvas. Using bright colors and sharp geometric shapes, Legler's work achieves a visually crisp aesthetic using a material typically associated with softness in form. Her work will be on view in an upcoming show at ArtMovement LA opening August 11th. 

www_ meikelegler.world 
insta_ @meike_legler


MOCA - Underground Museum

Running through February of next year, the Underground Museum exhibition titled Artists of Color features a range of color-focused work from a host of well-known contemporary artists, including Josef Albers, Dan Flavin, Ellsworth Kelly and Donald Judd, among others. Curated by the late artist Noah Davis, the exhibition is free and open to the public 12-7pm Wednesday through Sunday.

www_ moca.org
insta_ @theundergroundmuseum

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