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It’s May and time to kick in the spring! This month I’ve picked out some exciting brands and really talented designers. We’ll get around textile designers, a lot of gorgeous furniture and even a new Danish beauty brand. You’ll see complete, contemporary and ambitious designs in this Copenhagen round-up and I can assure you, that they won’t disappoint!


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Nina Bruun


May 2, 2017


Thomas Bentzen

I would like to mention the talented designer, Thomas Bentzen, whose work ranges from interior design to furniture and tableware to industrial design. Thomas really creates designs that speaks to one's engagement and curiosity and it’s very obvious that he rethinks the use of materials. His designs never cease to amaze me, as he always comes up with objects that are both contemporary, simple and yet functional.




HAY is a highly ambitious design brand who creates some very contemporary furniture with a modern feel and an eye for sophisticated industrial manufacturing. All of their furniture and accessories are made with a strong international appeal and the products really reflect the inspiration from both architecture and fashion. HAY cooperate with some extreme talented designers which shines through when looking at their designs. I love HAY’s playful expression and I always enjoy to visit their flagship store in Copenhagen; the Hay House.




Nuori is a new Danish beauty brand that I really want to highlight for their focus on freshness and their aesthetic and innovative packaging. Nuori is all about 100 % natural and fresh ingredients which truly shows when using their products. I really want to applaud this brand for their thoughts on the packaging design. First of all, they use premium protective packaging to minimize exposure to pollution like air, light and bacteria both before and during use. Secondly, Nuori managed to design products that looks as clean, fresh and stunning as their products feel.



Margrethe Odgaard Studio

The designer Margrethe Odgaard creates beautiful contemporary designs characterized by the desire to explore colors and patterns. Margrethe is trained as a textile designer, but really she works with a broad variation of materials and in my opinion she is just as much an artist as a designer.




I really want to highlight the design company Million, which is a Copenhagen based brand established to create iconic designs by using high-quality materials and exact production methods. It’s obvious that Million focuses on creating some distinctive and contemporary design products while upholding the Scandinavian design tradition defined by human scale and functionalism.




This is a relatively new design brand founded in 2014. Their goal is to create designs with the potentials of becoming design classics. Every piece of design is both classic, contemporary and vibrant at the same time and in addition to their own products, PLEASE WAIT to BE SEATED distributes products from different dedicated artists, designers and brands. The showroom is located in Copenhagen and with perfectly chosen colors for the walls and artistically stacked furniture, it’s always interesting to visit.



Friends & Founders

This successful design brand is founded by the duo Rasmus Hildebrand & Ida Linea Hildebrand. The duo behind the brand has a versatile and innovative style, which has gained recognition nationally as well as internationally. Their vision is to collaborate with talented people and make furniture that can be used in several contexts both indoors and outdoors.




MENU’s philosophy is simple. They want to make the world better, less complicated, a little bit nicer to wake up to, which really shows in their collection. Menu work with some of the most exciting and driven creative individuals from the worlds of architecture and design to produce high quality design with a crisp Scandinavian look and wherever they can, they work locally with craftspeople around the world, preserving skills while creating the best modern design.



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