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So for this round-up I’ve chosen a broad variety of artists and design companies. You’ll see anything from installation art, galleries and carpenter made kitchen fronts to the most beautiful textiles and furniture. Hopefully you will be surprised and yet as amazed by some of this month’s choices as I am! 


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Nina Bruun


March 22, 2017

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Elmgreen & Dragset

These guys represents a design duo consisting of Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset. The duo never cease to amaze me with different materials and types of art. They experiment with everything from sculptures, installations, theater and architecture and they always work with a theme like the state, bureaucracy or relation between art, architecture and design. Elmgreen & Dragset are extremely talented and I always enjoy their artworks.




Reform is a newly established kitchen company, based in Copenhagen. Their uniqueness really shows in their high quality fronts and tabletops which can be combined with IKEA kitchen cabinets. Reform wants to revolutionize the typical white standard kitchen by focusing on great designs and delicate solutions. They work with some of the most recognized architects to make amazing designs, which really pays off when looking at their products. Plus, their showroom is absolutely fantastic!



Ulrik Weck

Ulrik Weck is a very talented designer who educated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. With Ulrik I’m never sure what to expect and his work covers a wide range from sculptures, paintings and installations in various materials like balloons, neon signs and wood. It’s super exciting to witness how Ulrik takes objects from his surroundings and transforms them into ark that never disappoints.




Nomess was founded in 2007 by the desire and love to iconic Danish design and stylish simplification. The variety of products are always understated yet playful in terms of colors and shapes and the brand really understands that functionality needs some aesthetics to function. I’m always surprised and excited by Nomess’ products and way of thinking and their great success is definitely well earned.  




The upcoming design duo Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen recently graduated from the Royal Academy of Design Copenhagen and are already considered to be two of the finest new design talents. They are really rethinking design and making sure to take their environment and surrounding into consideration when making new products. It’s very inspiring and I’m looking forward to see what the future holds for this duo.




Kvadrat is the leading manufacturer of design textiles in Europe, which is no surprise to me. They are characterized by their high quality contemporary textile and textile-related products for both public and private spaces. I really think that their designs push the aesthetic and artistic boundaries of the field. It’s so simple, colorful and innovative and it’s always a great (visual) pleasure to visit their showroom located in Nordhavn, Copenhagen.



Last Resort Gallery by Peter Amby

This art gallery is quite unique. It’s located in Borgergade, Copenhagen behind a semi-hidden metal doors, so it isn’t that easy to find. The most important thing about this gallery and its exhibitions is, that the underlying idea of the art means more than the genre the artists have chosen to express themselves through. Therefore it’s possible to experience anything from paintings, installations to photo - and video art. 



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