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For this month’s Copenhagen round-up it’s all about materials and the selections range from large design companies to individual designers. What they all have in common is their ability to express themselves through materials. Besides, this round-up presents an insight to companies and designers who are really talented in terms of using graphic elements whether it’s furniture, products or pure graphic.


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Nina Bruun


February 16, 2017


File Under Pop

If you don’t know this brand, then it’s about time. File Under Pop is directed by Josephine Akvama Hoffmeyer, the former creative director of Made a Mano. Now she’s going solo with File Under Pop and has opened both a studio workshop and a showroom in Copenhagen. The vision is to transform rooms fundamentally by clothing the surfaces with ceramic terra-cotta tiles, lava stone, wallpaper and paint - all designed for walls, floors and ceilings. It’s almost impossible not to fall in love with the materials made here and it’s a truly inspiring and colorful universe to enter.




The design duo GamFratesi, consisting of Stine Gam & Enrico Fratesi, have this incredible creative expression and drive which comes from a fusion of tradition, renewal and an exciting experimental approach to the materials and techniques that are chosen. This Duo design some interesting and beautiful furniture that respectfully reflects traditions and features stories addressed in a minimalistic and contemporary way. 




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Gubi is a Danish design company that focus on courage, curiosity and intuition as key components for their business. They live by the philosophy, that design is about following one's instincts which certainly pays off when looking at their designs. Gubi creates some eclectic, dynamic and intercontinental collections that blurs the lines between past and future. And in collaboration with some of the most talented designers and architects they always deliver some thought-provoking designs characterised by simplicity, significant shapes and original material.



Maria Bruun

Maria Bruun Design is a Copenhagen-based furniture and design studio founded by Maria Bruun herself. This studio will undoubtedly surprise and inspire you. Bruun’s designs never cease to amaze me, and she really sees the potential of material, shapes and compositions in a different way than most people which makes her designs quite special. The studio offers full creative direction, furniture and interior design services.




This is the awesome result of a collaboration between Danish architect Anne Dorthe Vester and designer Maria Bruun. Since 2012 these two have created objects and designs that are in the cross-section between architecture, design and art. The duo often focus often on abstractions, functional hybrids and a great respect of the materials and forms and it’s clear that they always put their designs in relation to the surrounding spaces.




Muuto gives a new perspective on scandinavian designs and their work is characterised by enduring aesthetics, functionality, craftsmanship and an honest expression. Muuto handpick the most talented designers and combine them with Muuto’s own creative team, which results in some designs that are simple and yet so recognizable because of the significant scandinavian and contemporary look.




Playtype was established in 2010 by the Danish brand and design agency e-Types. Here, custom-made typefaces are created for brands and corporations and there is an extensive library of fonts available! But besides this corporate angle, Playtype also has a flagship store located in one of the most charming streets in Copenhagen - Værnedamsvej, where it’s possible to buy posters, mugs and much more from Playtype’s own brand. So if you’re into a playful combination of quirky fonts, stationery, art and paper articles it’s definitely worth a visit.


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