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Over the past year we had seen Nina Bruun's beautiful face a few times in our instagram feed, usually followed by a series of very inspiring interior posts. We started following her work, as well as admiring her work as design consultant for a few Scandinavian brands. When we saw she was branching out on her own to start her own eponymous design studio, we thought, who better than this Scandinavian design expert to report the best of Denmark as our Danish design ambassador!

The past few years have shown Denmark rising to the top in the Scandinavian design scene with lots of experimental yet refined work coming from local talents. Copenhagen, albeit not TOO far away from our HQ in Paris, we still needed an insider's curation to keep us up to date as it seems like there is always something exciting and new coming out of Denmark!

I am totally blown away with Nina's first design roundup for Copenhagen. As in, should I move to Denmark, like, next week... or? She of course included one of our personal favourites, Etage Projects. You may remember we had the pleasure of interviewing Maria Foerlev, the beauty and brains behind the initiative, last year. We some other design all stars like Normann Copenhagen, as well as a few new names for us to discover.

Please welcome Nina to our 'board' of international Design Ambassadors and have a look at her incredible first curation of Danish design must-knows!


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Nina Bruun


January 16, 2017


Studio David Thulstrup

Studio David Thulstrup is an architecture, interior and design practice based in Copenhagen. They create the most innovative architectural solutions which embraces the identity, values and needs of their clients. Materials are rethought out of their conventional form and the results are customized furniture and materials which creates some extraordinary designs.



Etage Projects

Etage Projects is a Copenhagen-based art and design gallery that specializes in a cross-aesthetic method. The uniqueness of this gallery is their attempt to question and push the lines between art and design & abstraction and function which results in some amazing contemporary art and design.




FOS, also known as Thomas Poulsen, is an artist who plays with art, design and architecture in a truly inspiring way. FOS focuses on the social space and systems when creating his sculptures, installations & designs and his unusual spaces relies on the interaction between humans to come to life. He really manages to unite the social aspect of our lives with art in a way, that is rarely seen. 



Henrik Vibskov

Henrik Vibskov is best known as a colorful and experimental fashion designer and artist, but in addition to this, he also opened a coffee shop in the new trendy area of Copenhagen, Papirøen. The shop is called Den Plettede Gris - translated to The Spotted Pig, and it is filled with imaginative, colorful, fun and quirky interior. You really get the feeling of stepping into Vibskov’s own artistic installation. It’s a very inspiring environment and a pleasure to visit.



Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen is a Danish design company who creates simple, colorful and innovative contemporary designs. This brand is continuously growing with variations of collections, and their grand, bright and playful flagship store in the Copenhagen district Østerbro is definitely worth the visit.



Pettersen & Hein

I would really like to highlight the design duo Pettersen & Hein, consisting of Lea Hein and Magnus Pettersen. This duo are questioning what happens when design is no longer compromised by function but instead longs for the aesthetic and ethical freedom of art. The result of Pettersen & Hein’s way of re-thinking designs are some beautiful artistic design products that is truly fascinating.



The Apartment

The Apartment is truly an amazing space located in the charming and old Copenhagen district, Christianshavn. Here you’ll find 20th century furniture, contemporary art and design showcased in stunning and elegant settings. Often The Apartment features some unique design pieces from a diverse group of designers, and their showcase are always changing. It’s always a pleasure to visit this space. 


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