Creative Vacations_ European Edition 2017 | II. Made Labs by Formafantasma

say hi to_ Made Labs by Formafantasma

Okay so after I came home from Milan I REALLY got the 'Italy Bug'. Don't get me wrong, my heart belongs to France... but Italian food, warm sunshine, yellow and orange buildings with streets packed with tall, dark, handsome... (going off topic). Back to business, I was already missing strong coffee in the morning and eccentric Italian design around every corner.

When having a drink with friends a week or so ago I was telling them how I was trying to plan a summer full of design related holidays - to find the best that Europe had to offer. One of my friends mentioned, "but haven't you heard that Formafantasma is teaching a workshop in Siciliy in July?". Hold up - there is a design workshop... curated and taught by Formafantasma, on an Italian island? How about orgasma.

So since 2016, Formafantasma has been the head of the design course MAN MADE/Design in Flux with a new University, Made Program, in Sicily, Italy and this summer they have organised 8 days of workshops and lectures around the theme of "Authentic-city".

This pilot edition of MADE Labs led by world-renowned creative professionals to address designers, architects and artists who are curious about new developments in their fields. A platform for discussion on the future of cultural heritage from both an architecture and design perspective. Also their curation and designer lineup is to die for.


April 24, 2017

Syracuse, Sicily, Italy

event date
July 24 - July 31st

say hi to_

Made Labs by Formafantasma


What? 8 Days of Creative Workshops
Where? Syracuse, Sicily, Italy
When? July 24 - July 31st

say hi to_ MadeLabs by Formafantasma

the theme_ AUTHENTI-CITY

What does the theme 'Authenti-city' mean? I asked Formafantasma and they told me-

"Founded 2750 years ago, the city of Syracuse and its historic center - the island of Ortigia - is a “Tabula Plena”. Since 2005, the city, incredibly rich in layers of history, has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. After 10 years, like most listed places, the old city is faced/blessed with an exponentially increasing number of tourists, but at the same time has lost its informality, authenticity, and most of its residents, gradually transforming into a theme park/resort. 

In the era of neoliberalism, nostalgic attention to the past is becoming potentially devastating. Overly rigid protective norms and blind bureaucracy force new urbanistic and architectural interventions to look like a frozen and fake pre-WWII image of the city, generating an undefined pastiche of “NON-AUTHENTI-CITY”. The obsession with preserving image ignores substance, content, and structure. The museification of buildings and places does not solve the real issue of maintaining and preserving living urban spaces, but instead transforms their authenthic and original diversity into speculative and homogeneous real estate. "

say hi to_ MadeLabs by Formafantasma
say hi to_ Syracuse Sicily Italy

What is the Future of Heritage?

The eight days of workshops and lectures will serve as a platform for discussion on the future of cultural heritage from both an architectural and design point of view.

Is the transformation of heritage sites into diffuse hotels and ersatz tourist attractions inevitable?
How can we devise an alternative preservation strategy that limits the loss of informality and authenticity?How to prevent the homogenization (anglosaxonization) of tourist attractions? 

say hi to_ MadeLabs by Formafantasma

The Lineup

This is actually still super secret but aside from the amazing Formafantasma, I can tell you that I was allowed to have a peek at the participating designers and although they are not all confirmed yet, it is a F*!%ing allstar line up. If you are interested in design, you will be frothing at the mouth when they announce who your teachers will be. You will just have to trust me on this one.


In the mean time we can oogle over Formafantasma's work (I mean, what would say hi to_ be without at least a little bit of eye candy?)

say hi to_ MadeLabs by Formafantasma
say hi to_ MadeLabs by Formafantasma

What other creative vacations will we take this summer?