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Summer in Los Angeles is in full swing, which means hot temperatures and summer vacations (and margaritas, if you're me.) July seems to be a month for play, and the designers and artists in this month's roundup all successfully convey a sense of playfulness and wonder through their work. Hope you enjoy and are staying cool this month!


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Leah Ring

Los Angeles

July 13, 2017


The Apartment by the Line

Design aficionados in Los Angeles are probably well-acquainted with the beautifully curated lifestyle concept store The Apartment by the Line. Launched by Vanessa Traina Snow about two years years ago, following a few years after its New York counterpart, the Apartment by the Line is meant to feel like a well designed home, but in this case customers can buy anything they see - from the furniture to the clothing; even the toothpaste is for sale. Traina Snow's curatorial expertise is evident by store's interior which gracefully blends iconic designs with contemporary artists, achieving an elevated version of the California cool aesthetic. 

www_ theline.com


Alex Reed

I've been lusting after the work of Los Angeles-based ceramicist Alex Reed ever since I was introduced to his work via a group exhibition at the LA Art Book Fair. Reed uses a variety of techniques in his pieces -  wheel throwing, casting, hand building - and the results are ceramics that take on unexpected shapes and qualities in an surprising and delightful way. 

www_ alexjreed.com


Brian Rochefort

Sculptor Brian Rochefort creates ceramic pieces and sculptures that appear to be alive and oozing - layer after layer of color and texture just vying to get out. Raised in Rhode Island and a RISD alum, Rochefort has shown in the US and abroad, and I am certainly hoping to see more of his work here in Los Angeles where he currently lives and works. 

IG_ @energygloop


Elyse Graham - Black Magic Collection

Los Angeles-based artist Elyse Graham has been working with resin for nearly a decade and her new Black Magic Collection is a stunning realization of what the material is capable of when wielded by a skilled artisan. I was lucky enough to see Graham's new collection in person and I can say firsthand that the colorful, irregular resin vessels and furniture pieces are truly a sight to behold. 

www_ elysegraham.bigcartel.com


Ross Hansen

I rarely look at Instagram's suggestions for post I might like, but one day I happened to glance at it and was so thrilled to be introduced to the work of Ross Hansen. Trained in Landscape Architecture and later in 3D Design at Cranbrook Academy of Art, Hansen's furniture pieces beautifully explore unconventional forms and materiality, all the while maintaining a sense of playfulness. I'm definitely adding Hansen's Red Chair to my dream list of pieces I'd love to own some day!

www_ rosshansendesign.com




Ryosuke Yazaki at M&B Gallery

Running through August 31st at M+B Gallery is a beautiful exhibition featuring the work of Tokyo-based sculptor Ryosuke Yazaki.  The carved wooden sculptures exhibited are graceful in form and are crafted using several woods commonly used for sculpture and architecture in Japan and finished with paints made from seashells and flowers, adding to the serene quality of the pieces.

www_ mbart.com


John Baldessari at Mixografia

Mixografia gallery is currently showing a solo exhibition of renown artist John Baldessari's work. The show, titled Eight Colorful Inside Jobs, features over two dozen pieces which highlight Baldessari's long-standing collaboration with Mixografia in which he explores the concepts of texture, volume and subject through unique printing techniques. The exhibition runs through July 15 so hurry up and catch it before it closes!

www_ artnet.com


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