Nature Meets Craft in Tellurico Series 'Visioni Opposte'

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Italian designer Francesco Pace and his studio Tellurico have produced a project called 'Visioni Opposte' and it's equally as stunning as it is interesting. 

Born in a small village that lies on top of a volcano called Pozzuoli on the outskirts of Naples, Pace has always been influenced by the relationship between natural surroundings and society, especially in the way they affect each other. He works with a variety of materials, testing the boundaries of art and design and connecting the environment and humans in beautiful ways. 

'Visioni Opposte' is a gorgeous synthesis of nature and craft centered on the influences of Lebanese culture, specifically elements of Beirut. In this project Pace uses materials like marble and glass to present an image of a city of change; progress into the future, remembrance of the past, and respect for its roots of origin. The pieces in his collection are as unique and fascinating as the environment which inspired them, elegantly communicating the relationship between history, nature, and humanity. Have a look. 


The Netherlands

August 21, 2017


The Process


The Result



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