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say hi to_ Design Parade | Kristen's Picks

This year I wanted to share and shed light on the plethora of design gems from the creative landscape of my adopted home of France. One of the most special events, places and projects in the contemporary creative landscape here in France is - Villa Noailles.

Famous for it's Fashion Festival each year in the South of France, it has since initiated the ever growing 'Design Parade' which is a series of exhibitions and competition showcasing the rising stars of the Interior Architecture and Design world. Set against the stunning landscape of the Côté d'Azur, the curious and stunning architectural masterpiece of Robert Mallet-Stevens and two charming cities in the sud de la France - this unique event would be my must-see design trip in France of the year, hands down.

We spent an intimate and relaxing four days with friends and colleagues in the design world from across Europe; talking about projects, discovering beautiful new work of up and coming designers - many of which I had never seen before, singing Karaoke in the charming old square of Toulon, negotiating our way onto already full pétanque teams with pizza bribes and sitting in awe at the history and life of art patrons and rockstars of the 1920's, Charles and Marie-Laure Noailles.

I did a roundup of a few of my favourite finds from this year's Villa Noailles Design Parade, although it was tough as there were so many impressive projects to see. If you are visiting France this year, do yourself a favour and make time to go discover all of the exhibitions between Toulon and Hyères, which are up until late September. You won't be disappointed.


event dates
June 30 - September 24, 2017

July 10, 2017


I. Toulon - Exhibitions


'Life Aquatic' Yacht Design by India Mahdavi

India gave us a private tour before the yacht sailed off to Italy, and it was difficult to actually leave. Perfection.



Photo Credit_ Lothaire Hucki

Between Art, Design and Architecture, MTX Broderie Architecturale develops new techniques to modern needle point. How incredible are these tapestries?


Valentina Cameranesi

Photo Credit_ Lothaire Hucki


Photo Credit_ Lothaire Hucki

I had to include 100.000 photos because that is how obsessed I am. The beautiful and charming Valentina transformed an old hair salon into a stage for her collection of vases, which evoke images of mythical and ancient relics, recreated in a contemporary and fashion forward way.


Vincent Darré

photo_ Alix Malika 

Hôtel Montana 

Vincent Darré as a person. Also his wild imagination and work.

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II. Toulon - Contest


Emmanuelle Simon

Photo Credit_ Emile Kirsch

Emmanuelle's room was sophisticated, elegant, well crafted and well  thought out. Very modern and cozy.


Martial Marquet

Photo Credit_ Emile Kirsch

Martial's abstract take on the functions of a dining room were thought provoking and supported with beautiful color palette and forms.


Mathieu and Caroline Ménager

photo credit_ Emile Kirsch

say hi to_ Mathieu and Caroline Ménager

With so many limitations and constraints, Mathieu and Caroline transformed this room into a dark and tranquil terrace. I loved the simple elegance and thought behind such details as the yellow form on the floor.


Nastasia Potel et Mylène Vasse

Photo Credit_ Emile Kirsch

say hi to_ Nastasia Potel et Mylène Vasse

Nastasia and Mylène created a modern and chic space using surprising colors and textures. Designers of the next Acne store anyone?


Paul Brissonnet and Alexandre Benjamin Navet

photo credit_ Emile Kirsch

Paul and Alexandre Benjamin's room brought playful fine art all over the walls and encouraged creative expression.


III. Hyères - Exhibitions


Adrien Rovero

Photo Credit_ Lothaire Hucki

The images don't do these pieces justice, these pieces by Adrien are graphic, intriguing and hypnotic.


Inga Sempé

photo credit_ Emile Kirsch

I really loved the playful kinetic installation showing off all forms of Inga's work.


Maria Jeglinska


Photo Credit_ Lothaire Hucki

From the paintings, to the simple and modern furniture design to the scenography - I was surprised that I was only just discovering Maria and her curious vision.


Mathieu Peyroulet-Ghilini

Photo Credit_ Lothaire Hucki

I had seen photos of Mathieu's work across social media several times but it was something else to see these soothing and seriously inspiring pieces in real life.


Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles Mecenes du XXe Siecle and set design by Odd Matter Studio

say hi to_ Mecenes du XXE Siecle Odd Matter

Photo Credit_ Lothaire Hucki


Old meet's new in such an interesting form, when these antique charcoal coloured sculptures are juxtaposted against Odd Matter Studio's distorting silver set design.


Pernelle Poyet

Photo Credit_ Lothaire Hucki

I can't even find words in the French or English language to describe how badly I need these Pernelle Poyet vases in my house.


Samy Rio

Photo Credit_ Lothaire Hucki

I love the natural textures and elements mixed with bold transparent hues in Samy Rio's collection.


IV. Hyères - Contest


Arthur Hoffner


Mixed textures and relaxation. Arthur's fountains were a breath of fresh air.


Carolien Niebling

Carolien's well researched project on how to integrate vegetables into the traditional sausage were backed up by some seriously fun, bright coloured models.


Lisa Ertel

say hi to_ Lisa Ertel

These stonewashed wood chairs by Lisa Ertel somehow reminded me of beach glass in wooden form. Beautiful textures.



Futuristic and conceptual fine art furniture partitions which can hide the viewer depending on how it is configured. Do OS & OOS ever disappoint, though? 


Ragna Ragnarsdottir

I really couldn't get enough of Ragna's containers. They were made all the more fascinating with the knowledge of her unique creation process she invented herself.

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