Instagram Gems | September

say hi to_ Instagram Gems | September

September's instagram roundup includes a central theme of work that leaves you asking questions and imagining backstories. From haunting minimal yet surrealistic spaces to nostalgia induced modernist photographs to playful Japanese illustration.


September 10, 2016


say hi to_  Dutch Design Week | Furniture Design


All of the international design weeks have social media handles but I must say 'Dutch Design Week' definitely wins the prize for most engaging, informative and of course - aesthetically pleasing, instagram of all them all! I have found many a new Dutch Design talent via this instagram feed, not to mention I am kept up to date about year round workshops, events and new projects by local designers. I also love their designer feed takeovers which allow local designers to let the viewer spend a day in their life as well as feature their work and current projects.


say hi to_  Romain Laprade | Photography


I was reluctant to feature Romain for September's monthly instagram roundup, not because his work wasn't extraordinary but because it stuck in my mind for so long now I knew we would do a full feature on him. In the end, I just couldn't wait and needed to include him in our list because I've been living vicariously through his fabulous feed of modernist interiors and architecture all month now.

His cinematic and nostalgic photographs lead me to daydream about throwing on a pair Céline heels and clacking across onyx floors in French modernist apartment buildings or tying a scarf around my head and heading to the South of France in a vintage convertible. Have a look and see if you can stop yourself from imagining yourself in his Le Corbusier meets Sophia Coppela-esque atmospheres.


say hi to_ Tom Hancocks Digital Art


The first few times I saw Tom Hancocks' work I spent an extraordinarily long amount of time trying to figure out exactly what I was looking at. Are they photographs? Are they 3D Renders? Are these slightly surrealistic modern palaces real? If so, can I please go visit immediately?

Teetering between the surreal and the real; Tom's minimalistic and regal atmospheres are still all a bit mysterious to me and that's just the way I would like to keep it. Each scene feels as though it is a moment frozen in time, a film or even a very beautifully designed video game (about my dream life?) and genuinely leaves me building plots and story lines behind his images. He doesn't post often, but when he does - I get butterflies!


say hi to_  Draw Down Books | Graphic Design


Book publisher, Draw Down Books' instagram feed not only showcases their publications beautifully but is my go to inspiration source for interesting and thought provoking graphic design and typography design. The way that their instagram feed is formatted, always with bold blue or red backgrounds to the open pages of various publications, is on point and pleasing to the eye. It is a fresh way to feature some of the best of the publications they have to offer and certainly have a great selection of interesting design to jump start your creativity when you're feeling stuck.


say hi to_ Jake Studio Paris | Art Direction


One feed I browse daily would be creative atelier and fellow Parisians, Jake Studio. They feature some of the most interesting and luxe interiors which leave your drooling all over your morning newspaper and café crème. Their weekly mood board themes allow them to show their aesthetic throughout a myriad of contexts and disciplines.

Their taste would be characterized as innovative and boldly playful wrapped up in refinement - à la française.


say hi to_ Hiroyuki Ishii | Illustration


I do have a bit of a sweet spot for Japanese design, as it is often times so free spirited and playful yet minimalistic in a thought provoking way, which is at the heart of what I look for in design. Pastel hues color Hiroyuki's surrealistic worlds and her illustrations are absolutely adorable without being too sweet or childish. We are very eager to seeing what she is up to next.


say hi to_ Kester Black | Wild Card


Over the past year I've noticed that the country who is killing it the most as creative entrepreneurs and business owners who use social media in the most inspiring way is - Australia. From mid-century modern furniture dealers to food bloggers to nail polish brands, the Australians certainly know how to put together interesting and inspiring imagery to represent their endeavors.

Kester Black, a nail polish brand from Sydney, has a beautifully curated feed with inspiring images from furniture design to wild landscapes representing the colors of their varnishes. The feed unfolds in a rainbow gradient, steadily going through the color wheel via iridescent paper, marble accented interiors, bold graphic jewelry etc. 


Kester Black daily colour inspiration. Work by Mia Christopher. #kesterblackcolour

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