say hi to_ Instagram Gems | November

say hi to_ Instagram Gems | November

November's Instagram Gems bring us to Iceland for brass chandeliers, an innovative new photo agency by two femme fatales in Paris, the Statue of David in various scenarios, art installations illuminated in neon and more.


November 14, 2016


say hi to_  Roll & Hill | Furniture Design

Roll & Hill is a lighting design editor from New York, who not only produces some of the most beautiful lamps of designers such as Bec Brittain, Lindsey Adelman, Ladies and Gentlemen Studio but has beautiful art direction. Their series of still life photos, of their luxurious lamps, set in the rugged yet dreamy landscapes of Iceland are the perfect juxtaposition and certainly caught my attention.


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say hi to_  POLY- | Photography

I found myself at POLY-'s agency launch party in Paris, by accident last year and was so happy that I decided to go out that night. A brand new photo agency representing young and innovative photographers, started by two French girl bosses. What's not to love? Their selection of talent is on point and this addition to the antiquated photo industry in Paris has been much needed and refreshing. Have a look at their work below!


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say hi to_  Adrian Newcomb Digital Art

I've been following Adrian's sophisticated yet, witty work for some time now. Candy hued sculptures of David, Eames chairs, Geometry and minimalistic interiors. The perfect balance between minimalism and playfulness.

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say hi to_  Justin Long | Fine Art

It's difficult to find a well curated feed that is consistently great. Justin Long consistently uploads intriguing and compelling contemporary fine art installations. Neon, lines, geometry, grids and mirrors.


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say hi to_ The Curiae | Interior Design + Architecture

The Curiae is a great feed for interior and architectural design. I find inspiring new gems on the daily. From sophisticated interiors with marble clad lap pools or contemporary set ups mixing neon and and array of plants - there is a great and diverse, well curated selection!

design by_ Claude Missir


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say hi to_ Garance Vallée | Illustration

I first saw Mademoiselle Garance's architectural, Memphis / Bauhaus inspired illustrations a few months ago. I instantly fell in love. We met up once she moved back to Paris from New York and instantly collaborated together on a series of illustrations. It's been exciting to see her illustrative career take off and we are obsessed with all of her engaging interior drawings.

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say hi to_ Le Triptyque | Wild Card

Le Triptyque's feed fulfils a certain ambiance and expression that inspires us everyday. From misty mountaintop Japanese towns, melancholic hedge mazes, brutalism and nature.


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