March_ District Design Dialogue Holland Village, Design Singapore

March_ District Design Diallogue - Holland Village, Design Singapore

Based out of Paris, we are used to covering local and European wide design events, designers and exhibitions. Last year we were heavily involved with South Korean design and it was our first time dipping a toe into the water of the Asian design scene. This year the design world of a whole new country, Singapore, is opening up to us in Asia and we couldn't be more excited.

We have been invited to visit, participate in and work with the District Design Dialogue – Holland Village project at Singapore Design Week 2018 this year in March. The initiative, which is helmed by innovative local design agency Hjgher, is a series of imagined shop installations forged to showcase the local creative talent and build the local design community through workshops, events, and talks. 

Singapore, a fairly new country, may bring to mind beautiful clean and lush airports and sunny South East Asian weather and shopping... lots of shopping - but what about it's newly budding creative and entrepreneurial scene? From everything we have been seeing so far from local designers and creative agencies, it seems like the small country has a lot to offer.

Have a peek at what this creative agency has put together for this year's must-visit design event in Asia. Stay tuned as we will be covering the event online and on our Instagram next month!


February 22, 2018

event dates
March 10 - 18, 2018

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I. The Library

A house dedicated to the art of prose, print and design.

Homegrown literary collective Sing Lit Station will take up residency at The Library. Visitors are invited to walk in to start conversations, seek advice from, and watch Writers-in-Residence at work.

The Writers-in-Residence will also helm a pop-up retail bookshop with a selection of design and art books by iconic independent design bookstore, Basheer Graphic Books.  

On weekends, one of the bedrooms will feature ‘Locked in a Room With’ sessions—a ‘Live’ version of “ask-me-anything” dialogues with local, eminent creative personalities.


II. The Kitchen

A space dedicated to food, culinary design and varied taste palates.

Food heroes from all over the island will come together in The Kitchen to offer a diverse array of foods ranging from gourmet street snacks and food truck meals to local food produce as well as pop-up dinner clubs by BlackwattleBrunch Bandits, and Kenneth Foong (Cure), amongst others.

Visitors can also participate in workshops from tea appreciation, cookie and wine tastings, chocolate and whiskey pairings, and talks on food sustainability and urban farming.


III. The Runway

say hi to_ DDD Village - Design Singapore

Fashion installations and retail concepts by noteworthy and under-the-radar homegrown fashion labels.

The Runway is a curated round-up of brands selected for their distinctive design aesthetic and innovative concepts, some of whom are presenting pop-up retail debuts in Singapore.

The Runway will host fashion installations, craft-making workshops and a peek into the hatmaker's working atelier.


IV. The Playground

A space dedicated to nurturing young and curious minds through experiential play and experience design.

Visitors entering The Playground go through a String Maze to reach the front door. Once inside, they are greeted by Fishes in the Reef, an interactive craft installation by bespoke children’s party planners, Party Elves.

The Playground will host a series of workshops and events to bring out the creativity and imaginations of kids in the neighborhood. 


V. The Lounge

A house dedicated to living better, featuring wellness activities and lifestyle design wares by local brands.

The Lounge showcases beauty, home and lifestyle products by local brands such as The Gentle Label (botanical home cleaning essentials), ves. studio (ceramic vessels), Candles of Light (botanical fragrance atelier), Pew Pew Patches (iron on and sticker patches), amongst others.

They will host a stress relief room and also a room to get inked !


VI. The Stage

An aural sonic space dedicated to homegrown music.

The Stage is a house hosting intimate music sessions by homegrown Singaporean musicians and local artists.

In addition to acoustic sessions by singer-songwriters Glen Wee and DJ Zig Zach will curate a music line-up over the weekends of 10-11 March and 17-18 March.

The Stage will also feature sound art installations, immersive digital art shows, and DJ workshops.


VII. Eyeyah!

EYEYAH! A T-Shirt exhibition for kids. Inspired by the theme of “The INTERNET”, this walk-in wardrobe of hyper-colour imagery is the collection of over 30 artists’ work from around the world.

Curated by Steve Lawler and Tanya Wilson (formerly of Kult Magazine) this showcase launches their new publication EYEYAH!, designed to raise awareness of the dangers of the Internet.

Creativity is one of the most important skills a child needs to thrive in the future workplace. EYEYAH! aims to change perspectives and provoke new points of view about important issues such as the Internet, Environment, Anxiety and Money Matters.

Expect to see giant artworks, art prints and animations, interactive workshops.


VIII. Sole Superior

Soleul Superior, Singapore's go-to-sneaker-God is expanding their creative endeavors and celebrating the art of the innovative sneaker. You've seen those lines outside of Supreme, you know the addiction.

The Sole Superior space will play host to installations with international and home grown sneaker brands as well as commissioned artwork around the theme.


IX. say hi to_ House

An curatorial exhibition space dedicated to contemporary Singaporean design and fine art.

The say hi to_ House is a space curated by moi, Kristen de la Vallière - of the most innovative and creative local Singaporean contemporary designers and fine artists. 

In addition to a pop up gallery showcase, where local designer's work will be shown and for purchase - I will be visiting Singapore and  hosting two workshops for designers and creative entrepreneurs. The workshops will be 'Guerilla Marketing and PR for creative entrepreneurs in the Digital Age' and 'Crafting Your Digital Presence: The Art of Visual Storytelling'.


X. Blackout

A house of revolving activities, this eclectic design house focuses on immersing the five senses through design.

The Blackout House will include a pop-up tattoo studio by Vagabond Ink, an electronic music line-up curated by DJ ZigZach, and experiential installations by food anthropologist Brunch Bandits and event game designers, Curious Chimeras.

Look out for the pop-up magical apothecary inspired by North African souks, filled with herbal potions, snacks and salves made from locally foraged ingredients.

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Where ?


DDD Holland Village - Design Singapore
Holland Village and Chip Bee Gardens neighborhood
Singapore 278265

Dates_ March 10 - 18th, 2018

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March_ Collectible Design, Belgium

March_ Collectible Design, Belgium

In Europe, we have a few key fairs or 'salons' as we say in French, throughout the continent to visit each year. We have Maison et Objet here in Paris, which is commercially fantastic for lifestyle and interior brands, ArtBasel to have a look at the newest in the Contemporary Fine Art world, the Milan Design Week frenzy... which let's be honest - we end up networking and partying just about as much as we end up discovering the new up and coming furniture trends as there is just TOO much!

Collectible Design, a brand new fair hosted in Brussels, Belgium is dedicated to collectible design furniture pieces and is exactly what (we) and Europe needed. Finally, we will have a place to go and explore a curated selection of the most compelling contemporary designers and galleries in the heart of Europe.

My first impression from the beautiful website was sleek, chic and modern which was only made all the better once I met with co-founder Liv Vaisberg and her team which were beyond humble, generous and kind. Good aesthetics are important but good aesthetics backed up by good vibes is even more important !

For a first time show the list of participating galleries and designers is super impressive with names like Spazio Nobile, valerie_traan galerie, Victor Hunt, OS & OSS and Paulin, Paulin, Paulin - to name a few. My mouth is watering and to be honest my only regret is that I am not able to make it there myself in person. If you happen to be in Europe and work in Furniture, Design and or Fine Art - please let me live vicariously through you and do not miss Collectible Design in Belgium this March.

Have a look at a few of the designers and galleries we love, who will be showing there next month.


February 21, 2018

event dates
March 8-11, 2018

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Must See


Camp Design Gallery

say hi to_ Camp Design Gallery








KUF Studios


Jean de Piepape


Muller van Severen



Paulin Paulin Paulin


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Where ?


Collectible Design
Vanderborght Building
Rue de l’ Ecuyer 50 Schildknaapstraat
1000 Brussels

Dates_ March 8 - 11th, 2018

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March: The Design Events You Can Not Miss

March: The Design Events You Can Not Miss

So many countries, so many design weeks and so little time. Thankfully for you, we shortlisted a few very promising events, festivals and design fairs coming up next month in the design world from Singapore to Iceland. We have a brand new collectible furniture design fair in Brussels, an interactive and community building design initiative in Singapore, a must-visit discovery haven for up and coming designers in New York and an off the beaten path, gateway into Icelandic design in Reykjavik.

We'll be publishing articles on our top picks over the next two weeks ! Check back below to keep up to date.


February , 2018

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March Events 2018


I. Collectible Design
Brussels, Belgium
March 8 - 11


II. DDD Holland Village, Design Singapore
Singapore, Singapore
March 10 - 18


III. Design March
Reykjavik, Iceland
March 15 - 18


New York, NY
March 22 - 25

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say hi to_'s Design Guide to South Korea

say hi to_'s Design Guide to South Korea

Between the bright neon lights, gritty artsy neighbourhoods in Seoul such as Itaewon and Seongdonggu, the outgoing and hospitable vibes from the local people - Seoul has quickly become one of the most inspiring creative capital cities globally. I wanted to highlight a few of game-changing creatives coming out of Seoul at the moment, locally grown lifestyle brands by young entrepreneurs and some of my favourite spots to check out when I am in town.

Bower x The Arrivals

Bower x The Arrivals

The Future Perfect has long been a champion of some of the most innovative contemporary designers and artists coveted by interior designers and collectors in the US and around the world. Leah Ring pays a visit to chat with founder David Alhadeff

France | January

France | January

Goodbye 2017, finished are the times to eat ourselves into oblivion. Now it's time to get back onto the horse and out of hibernation. I hope that you have a wonderful 2018, full of surprises and beautiful discoveries. Here is a selection of designers, who are still relatively under the radar but who are sure to shine in 2018.

The Tale of Tomorrow

say hi to_ The Tale of Tomorrow

I may spend most of my time featuring the most innovative and industrious up and coming designers of today/tomorrow but if you have ever seen my personal instagram account then you would know my hobby off the clock is visiting modernist buildings and architecture. I am a full on addict.
Thankfully, living in Paris, I am in an epicenter of incredible architecture, hiding in-between and around the beautiful haussmannian city.

I recently had an instance, when visiting an obscure part of the city to visit a modernist apartment complex, being confronted by the securty guard while trying to get into the locked front door. Our coversation went something like "Madame, why are you trying to get into the building, do you live here?", "Well no monsieur, the lobby is just so beautiful - I really wanted to take some photos actually ...", "This lobby...? I look at it every day and never thought of it as beautiful... Uhh sure.. you can come in". Giving me that 'Freaky American girl' (but still intriguing) side glance I know all too well.

So when I found out there was a book centered around this very topic, I had to get my hands on it. I thought I knew all of the spots in Paris but Gestalten's The Tale of Tomorrow had a plethora of amazing buildings all over the world from Niemeyer to Le Corbusier and beyond.

Still having nice weather, I invited Coco, a dear friend and our Special Projects Manager, over to my house for a picnic to have a look at where we could check out next weekend.

say hi to_
 Lixht Tray and Yield Design Pitcher

Lixht Tray and Yield Design Pitcher

Tiptoe table legs and marble tabletop, Lixht Trays and Yield Design Smoked Gray Glasses

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Top 5 Spots in France to Visit From the Book


I. Les Espaces d'Abraxas, France

Nestled away in Paris' surrounding 'Banlieu', or suburbs, you will find one of the most magnificent examples of social housing project architecture on the planet (in my humble opinion). Famed Spanish architect, Ricardo Bofill, was commissioned to map out this three piece social housing complex in 1978. If I can recommend a must see architectural day trip while visiting the city of light, I would highly recommend Les Espaces d'Abraxas.


II. Les Arcades du Lac, France

Growing up in New York, I wouldn't have imagined social housing projects and incredible architecture in the same sentence ... but I have learned that here in France, they are some of the city's most impressive and unique structures. Second on our list is, Les Arcades du Lac, another social housing complex designed by Bofill in the early eighties. It is said that he had envisioned to create a 'Versailles' for the people, and to offer a contrast between the new housing of the 1970s and 1980s and the earlier Le Corbusier-inspired housing projects of the 1950s and 1960s.


III. Siège du Parti communiste français, Paris

Now we get to my personal favourite architectural gem in ALL of Paris, the Communist Party Headquarters, or PCF for short en français, designed by Oscar Niemeyer. You may have remembered my article about North Korean Interiors and my semi-controversial views and love for communist architecture here. Say what you like but leaving politics aside, those communists have damn good taste. Built in 1971, this stunning building is somewhere between modernist space ship and the seven wonders of the design world. An absolute must see for any archilover, this space is open to the public on the third weekend of September for the 'Journées européennes du patrimoine' or by reservation by mail.


IV. Palais Bulles, Cannes

If you are a modernist architecture fanatic, fashion enthusiast or happened to see our series of Palais Bulles inspired prints by Jonathan Niclaus, chances are you are already very familiar with this iconic home in the South of France. Featured in endless fashion photoshoots and host to Dior runway show, this home designed by Hungarian architect Antii Lovag is an organic, modernist masterpiece. Built between 1975 and 1989 near Cannes, the home was bought by French fashion designer Pierre Cardin in 1991. Interested in making it your home? It has since gone on the market for a cool three hundred and fifty million euros if you have some spare cash on you.


V. Les Choux de Créteil

Last but not least we have the apartment complexes just outside of Paris, 'Les Choux de Créteil', or the Cauliflowers of Créteil. Created in 1974 - the architect, Gérard Grandval, was undoubtedly inspired by the fact that this land was previously used to grow the majority of vegetables feeding neighbouring Parisians. These ten cylindrical buildings are regarded as a symbol of 1970's French architecture and a must see if you have a bit of time to explore when visiting Paris.

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Large 'Bleu Capri' Table Leg
by Tiptoe - 64,75€

The Tale of Tomorrow
by Gestalten - $68

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Denmark | January

Denmark | January

Winter has taken over Copenhagen, which is a perfect occasion to visit some extremely cool design companies and artists. This month you’ll find anything from clothing brands, kitchenwares to furniture designers. I really hope, that you’ll enjoy this month’s round-up as much as I enjoyed making it.

say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | X. The Minimalist

say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | X. The Minimalist

Ezra grew up in Tel Aviv to two hardworking parents perhaps poor in material wealth but rich in good taste in minimalistic design. He loves everything about sleek and simple Scandinavian forms but prefers when he can find them with a touch of unexpected color. Thanks to his success he is excited to finally spoil his lovable parents this year with a few Minimalistic design pieces. 

Have a look at what this Israeli Minimalist hopes to get one of these 8 nights of Hannukah this year.

say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | X. The Daydreamer

say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | X. The Daydreamer

Marie-Alexandra was the hippest bourgeois Parisian babe you have ever met. Despite growing up quite wealthy, in a Hôtel Particulier in the 16th arrondissement - this true blue daydreamer threw it all to the wind to start her own company and spend weekends in Biarritz with her surfer boyfriend.

We're excited to see where the French tax payers money is going this year in this day dreamer, Marie-Alexandra's Holiday Wishlist.

say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | VII. The Comtesse

say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | VII. The Comtesse

Julieth del Castillo was a fourteenth generation Spanish 'Condesa' whose family emigrated to Colombia in the 1600's. A modern day Condesa, she preferred earning her money making business deals, from bed, on her smartphone to touching her inheritance.

Have a look at what this business savvy and luxurious Colombian Condesa wants for the Holidays this year...

say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | VII. The Gourmand

say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | VII. The Gourmand

Ólafur is a Michelin star chef with a restaurant in Reykjavik, Iceland. I know what you're thinking - dried herring, hotdogs and cured shark ... doesn't make me want to hop on a flight to Reykjavik for dinner. For those who are still not convinced, there is something about Ólafur which is almost as impressive as his creativity in the kitchen - his taste in kitchenware.

Have a look at what is on this Michelin Star Chef's Holiday Wishlist this year...

say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | VI. The Collector

say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | VI. The Collector

Quentin and April are New York's coolest young power couple. They spend every spare moment traveling the globe, discovering the best up and coming artists to curate in their New York based shop. They only purchase limited edition items and have a huge collection of Fine Art Prints.

Have a look at what this New York Power Couple want to curate for their home this holiday.

say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | V. The Naturalist

say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | V. The Naturalist

Eve grew up outside of Vancouver to a Japanese father and a Canadian mother. Her parents owned an organic textiles manufacturer and raised her to appreciate high quality organic goods. They spent most weekends hiking and taking advantage of the inspiring and wild nature surrounding them.

See what eco friendly, high quality natural goods Eve has on her holiday list this year.

say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | IV. The Philosopher

say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | IV. The Philosopher

Ciarán is an architect and self proclaimed philosopher hailing from Dublin, Ireland. He has an obsession with DDR Germany, Bauhaus architecture and like most of his Irish comrades, the perfectly poured pint of Guinness.

This Christmas he has a few things he would love to add to his Georgian styled townhouse on Merrion Square this year.

say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | III. The Artist

say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | III. The Artist

Rae, a fine artist, is the opposite of a tortured painter. She grew up in an jovial and affluent African American family in New Orleans and has an sunny optimism not often associated with the stereotype of the struggling emerging artist.

She plans on hosting her annual 'Artists Secret Santa' this year and here are a few of the pieces of her friends she hopes to get her hands on.

say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | II. The Workaholic

say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | II. The Workaholic

Harlow and Jack own a Photo Production Company in Cape Town, South Africa. If you've ever met a photo producer then you know, you don't leave the office before 11pm and oftentimes find yourself on set at the crack of dawn to get the good light.

Have a look at some of the office goodies that Harlow and Jack plan to spoil themselves, I mean each other, with this year.

say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | I. The Tastemaker

say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | I. The Tastemaker

Avid print magazine devourer, 1970's brass, curves, bold colored velvet junkie and futuristic design advocate - Freja, Copenhagen's 'It-Girl' (although she would HATE to be called that) has perfect taste in everything.

Have a look at what this Danish Tastemaker put on her Holiday Wishlist this year!