What is say hi to_?

say hi to_ is first and foremost a community of likeminded creatives internationally. We celebrate and look to showcase the best rising talent in the realms of furniture and interior design, the visual arts and creative entrepreneurship. Using our media outlet we look to learn from the masters, shed light on the stars of tomorrow and facilitate creative collaboration within our community.

media outlet
Our media outlet consists of our online creative platform, engaged social media outlets (namely our instagram community) as well as offline events and workshops in Paris.

We produce interviews with some of the most interesting creatives from a plethora of backgrounds and disciplines, countries and contents. Our aim is to hear the honest stories behind these creatives success - to ask them how they got started and got their first break, to ask them the questions you never find in interviews but the questions all real people want to know, to ask them how they followed their dreams and how they got to where they are now.

We have a number of fine art pieces, design objects and art prints from fine artists, designers and illustrators who we love in our online gallery. After searching across the globe, far and wide - we have found and collaborated with some of the most compelling contemporary creators whose work Kristen de la Vallière has curated into an online art gallery. Most of the products offered are exclusive limited edition collaborations between say hi to_ and the chosen designers. We want to bring their story, their craft and their innovative visions to the homes of our community.

say hi to_ acts as an art direction and creative communications consulting agency. We offer services in original content creation, design and art direction consulting, creative consultancy, curated exhibitions and artistic events.

say hi to_

Who is behind
say hi to_?

photo by Maria Piessis

Kristen de la Vallière, the founder of say hi to_ is an Art Director, Fine Art Curator + Design Consultant from New York living and working in Paris.

After spending three years traveling throughout Europe for work - Kristen realised that there were so many talented furniture and product designers, city to city who had yet to be found abroad. This called to her deep passion for interior and furniture design which walks the line between fine art and functionality. One of her goals was to make their work accessible and available internationally. The idea for 'say hi to_' was then born in 2013.

She is supported by a plethora of talented and brilliant creative collaborators internationally. The community is the foundation and core of this initiative.

Kristen regularly hosts creative events, speaks at conferences and gives workshops in France and abroad.
In the past year, Kristen was part of the jury for 'Design Korea 2017' in Seoul, curated two exhibitions in Paris and in Singapore, was part of the jury for 'Maison et Objet' in Paris for best new design exhibitor, spoke at 'Home Table Deco Fair Conference' on 'Design Trends for 2018' in Seoul and was invited to host two workshops for communications and marketing for creative entrepreneurs during 'Singapore Design Week 2018' in Singapore.

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past jobs
Ticket sales at a movie theater in New York, European Merchandising Display Manager for a clothing brand, answering phones at a hair salon on the Upper East Side, on Photo Productions with photographers such as Juergen Teller & Paolo Roversi, a freelance writer, a nanny in the Irish countryside, the head of production at a creative events agency in Berlin, as a freelance design consultant & art director.